Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bill Cosby Zibbidy Bippidies His Way Into The Hall of Bad Dudes

Bill Cosby has zibbiddy bibbiddy bopped his way into The Hall of Bad Dudes. But there's room in this induction ceremony (as there almost always is, as no Bad Dude ever really acts alone, or without some sort of implicit acceptance from others) for society itself. The rape allegations that led to these memes were nothing new. they started to trickle in years ago. And almost no one followed up. Those who heard them conveniently forgot, or just assumed such a beloved personage wasn't capable of these types of crimes. 

A staple of Cosby's "Act" these past five decades or so has been his beloved wife Camille, and his children. He portrayed himself as the All American dad and husband, who was constantly befuddled by the antics of his children, and who, in turn, was always befuddling his put-upon wife. Now, if we had just learned that he was a womanizer, or had a secret mistress all these years, we'd probably be inclined to just say "that's life." But he was by the accounts of a couple dozen women a serial rapist. 

Actually, the number of allegations has doubled. To think if a stand-up comic hadn't said something in his act a few months ago, all of this would have been swept under the rug. Cosby was set to start shooting a new network show. he might have gotten away with it, too, because 300 million or so Americans didn't seem to care too much, even though these allegations have been out there for a long, long time. Maybe it's because...

We're all sort of Bad Dudes here in America.