Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Edward Snowden Inducted Into Hall of Bad Dudes.

I have a bone to pick with Edward Snowden that has little to do with the issues most people would have with someone who leaked classified documents to expose a government spying on its own people. My first point is the American people already knew the NSA and other intelligence agencies were spying on them. They've known this since 90% of Americans supported the Patriot Act when it was set in place in 2001. They knew it when Bush signed Presidential letters to  approve wire taps of American citizens. And they voted to approve it. Not once. Not twice. Three times. There have been three separate Presidential elections since the Patriot Act was signed into law. Twice as many Congressional elections. None of this was done in secret. In fact, it has been done with the support of the American people. Not only that, Obama added on a bunch more oppressive stuff he said he would fight against. He approved torture, kept Gitmo open, signed a NDAA that allows the declaration of Americans as enemy combatants and allows  unwarranted searches, indefinite detention, even torture of American citizens...

And Americans voted for it...


Now there's an outcry that they're doing what you voted for them to do. What the fuck did you think was going to happen?

But that's not my beef with Edward Snowden. Here's the part of the story that angers me.

When you leak classified documents that allow the enemy to place our diplomats and intelligence specialist working all over the world, most of the time our side will have enough advanced warning to get our people out of there before the whip comes down. But the people who can't get out of there are the vast web or informants, assets, and agents on the other side we were working with to make a change. Now the enemy goes and rounds those people up and tortures them and murders them. It ways you wouldn't even like to see in the movies, although many of you seem to have developed a rather advanced bloodlust these days.

So, when someone like Assange, or Bradley Manning, or Edward Snowden leaks these documents, and tens of thousands were leaked, most of them having nothing to do with spying on Americans, they have decided that as an individual they have the right to fuck with all those other peoples' live. They've in effect decided that they have the right to make American foreign policy. See, and that's not how we do things around here.

We vote.

And we did vote.

And three times Americans approved what is happening. It wasn't happening in secret. These issues were brought up in those elections. I remember. I heard them. And the candidates bringing up those issues were mocked mercilessly. 

Hell, most of you didn't even vote. Didn't vote, can't name the candidates, don't follow the issues, but feel you have some innate right to know the inner workings of our intelligence and diplomatic communities. The irony would be sad if it wasn't so ignorant. 

You don't care if Google, your Facebook friends, everyone in your gaming community, or who reads your blog, knows what you are doing in excruciating detail, but if the NSA, who has done a damn fine job of ensuring you can wake up every day and not worry about the types of atrocities that occur almost everywhere else in the world happen while you're telling us about your bowel movements, you freak out. You should be honored. Someone cares.

You should be so interesting.

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