Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Steve Alford Inducted Into Hall of Bad Dudes

Eleven years after then Iowa head basketball coach Steve Alford used his influence to pressure a sexual assault victim to recant her accusations against one of his players, Pierre Pierce, and only days after being fired from New mexico after his team once again flamed out early in the NCAA Tournament, scumbag Steve Alford was hired by UCLA as head basketball coach. The only difference this time is when he is fired a lot of people will be going with him.

What the hell was the athletic director at UCLA thinking?

He claimed at first he didn't know about the scandal that caused Alford to be run out of the entire state, a scandal where "Alford enlisted the help of close friend Jim Goodrich, the campus representative for Christian group Athletes in Action who often traveled with the team and conducted bible-study sessions. Per specific instruction from Alford, the victim was invited to what she was told was a “prayer meeting,” at which she was urged to back off and not cause problems for a basketball program that could overpower her." -Dan Bernstein

It's often only after a piece of shit like this is fired that people will come out of the woodwork to publicly state what a dick he was when he was in power. Alford had a reputation for walking out of restaurants, cleaners, clothiers, and many other business establishments without paying. Simply stealing whatever product or service he felt he was entitled to as head coach of the basketball team. 

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero deserves to lose his job for this hiring, and he will. Soon enough. For sexual assault victims, knowing a piece of human sewage like Alford will be afforded at least one more opportunity to treat people like crap and pretend he's a feudal lord probably stings, but the only upside is everyone who hates Alford is about to see him crash and burn in a way that would make Evel Knieval proud. Welcome to the Extreme Scumbag wing of the Hall of Bad Dudes, Steve Alford. 

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  1. I love how Dan Bernstein was all over this POS:


    UCLA deserves this scum. He fits right in with the tradition that they have (Sam Gilbert ring a bell?).